We reduce cost and delivery time with our logistic services from Germany to Iran.


Bedirhan Logistic

To transport your products

From Germany to Iran

Bedirhan Logistics provides transportation services to Iran and Turkey with our extensive network of offices in Germany, Iran, and Turkey. Expert staff in our field office in Germany provides support and process management in the native language. Our Turkish based company is very familiar with the region and able to respond instantly with our live control center to any problems/challenges that may occur; our customers are informed of the process 24/7.


24/7 Tracking

With the Control Center

All of our vehicles have a unique tracking system created by our company which enables us to constantly track our vehicles’ location. Additionally, our company’s special software continually updates with tracking information in our field offices.



A document delivered late can cause long delays in shipment and increase operational costs. We at Bedirhan Logistic prevent such problems by delivering all timesensitive files and documents when needed and by tracking them carefully with our expert team in the control center.

Mode of Transport

Our company also provides innovative intermodal transportation services, which reduce shipping cost and time. Intermodal transportation is a method of transportation where different means are used inbetween origins and destination points. It is the most environmentally friendly method with minimum carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional methods. All shipments are covered by insurance.


Our expert teams in both our control center and field offices speak Turkish, English, German, Arabic, and Persian enabling us to support our customers in their native languages. Our team provides each client with uptodate information regularly to ensure efficient and satisfactory service. From Germany to Iran, Bedirhan Logistic is

here to provide you with the highest caliber of transportation services integrating advanced technology, innovative transportation methods, and professional expertise.


Control Center


Transport Planning

Loading to RO-RO Ship

Highway Again


Voyage by RORO Ship

Delivering to the customer

Orders are immediately processed by the Order Department of our Control Center. According to the order details, the required documents and necessary information are generated and the best mode of transportation is determined.

The Order Department sends all the information to the Transport Planning Department. Vehicles and drivers are determined according to destination, timing, the nature of the goods, and other logistical considerations.

Assigned vehicles and crew arrive at the cargo location and load it onto the vehicles in a professional manner. This process is instantly reported to the Control Center and the relevant documentation is sent there.

All information related to the process of monitoring and tracking shipments is displayed on the main screen of our Control Center. All information is shared with clients so to answer any questions or to allay any concerns. Expert support teams foresee and prevent any possible problems to ensure smooth transport and delivery of the shipment.

After completing its voyage by RORO ship, the cargo is unloaded onto railway freight cars. By rail, the cargo continues its journey until the station nearest the destination. The entire process is monitored from our control center.

The vehicles carrying the cargo reach the nearest, most appropriate port via highway. The cargo is loaded onto prearranged RORO

ship. The process is monitored

continuously from our Control Center.

The courier delivers the cargo to the receiver authorized by the customer. All the required documents are also presented to the customer. Meanwhile, the delivery is unloaded, checked, and accounted for.

The vehicle is transported to the port closest the destination point by the RORO ship. This method eliminates wasted time in many countries and customs and reduces the cost of transport.

The load is received by our expert crews and vehicles who are ready and waiting at the station nearest the destination point. The trailers carrying the cargo are hitched to the trucks and depart for the highway, reaching the delivery address where the cargo is then delivered.


Who are we?

Extensive Truck Fleet

From Turkey to the World

Leadership Vision

Bedirhan Logistic has a fleet of more than 200 large volume trucks. Additionally, with its complete staff of highly qualified drivers, Bedirhan Logistic is able to meet customer

needs and provide excellent services.

Bedirhan Logistic was founded in Turkey and has extended its services to foreign markets, achieving many great successes. Currently Bedirhan Logistic has offices in four different counties and employs more than than 200 professional team members.

We have been working with a vision of coming to a leading position in the sector since our company’s foundation. We share our vision with our customers, proceeding in accordance with our business principles toward this vision.

30 Years of Experience

Expert Team

Bedirhan Logistic was founded in 1982, making our dreams come true by allowing us to offer our clients over 30 years of experience.

Our expert team have a vast understanding of customer's needs and create solutions accordingly. All of our employees are proven professionals in their respective areas of expertise.


Bedirhan Corporate Group


Headquarters: Organize San.Bölgesi Girişi No : 17 38070

Melikgazi / Kayseri / Turkey

Phone: + 90 352 311 43 56 (pbx) Fax: + 90 352 311 43 74


Istanbul Office: İkitelli OSB. Eskoop San. Sit. B2 Blok No:110-112 34670  İstanbul / Turkey

Phone: + 90 212 671 49 00 (pbx) Fax: + 90 212 670 40 81


Germany Office: BKS Internationale Spedition GmbH

Bünnerhelf Str. 31B. 44379  Dortmund / Germany

Phone: + 49 (0) 231 226 88 900 Fax: + 49 (0) 231 226 88 920


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